Charzin(EVZ), a company specializing in electric vehicle chargers that is preparing to be listed on the KOSDAQ recently, is drawing attention from many securities firms.

On September 10, Charzin(EVZ) was invited to the “Korea Startup Scale Day” hosted by Samsung Securities and announced the electric car charger market and Charge-in’s…

The electric vehicle charging platform (EVZ) will be built as a payment method within the PAYTUS service.

PAYTUS is a payment platform that has secured more than 4,000 affiliated stores in Korea, and signed a business partnership with EVZ platform in May regarding rental services for electric vehicles.

EVZ announced…

1. Name

Corporate Customer Specific Solution Launch (EVzone/IBK EVcard)

2. Date


3. Accomplished


4. Details

Charzin(EVZ) has released ‘corporate customer-specific solution’ for companies that use electric vehicles to realize ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management and reduce business vehicle maintenance costs.

1. Partner’s Name


2. Counterparty Website

3. Counterparty Details

HUMAXMOBILITY is a car sharing and parking lot operations and mobility platform operators

OBIGO is a smart car software platform development and sales companies (Carplay, MirrorLink, Spotify, Melon etc.)

6. Partnership Details

Charzin(EVZ), a company specializing in charging platforms for electric vehicles, signed a M.O.U with Humax Mobility Co., Ltd. and Obigo Co., Ltd.

  • Technical Support for Humax Mobility’s ‘CARPLAT’ service (parking, charging, eco-friendly car sharing)
    * Commercialization EVZ blockchain technology by installing Charzin platform in Orbigo’s SmartCar AVN platform.

Xangle Announcement :

● EVZ Webpage:
● EVZ Blog:
● EVZ Twitter:
● EVZ Telegram(Global):
● EVZ Youtube channel :
● EVZ Coinmarketcap channel :
● EVZ Coingecko channel :

President Moon visited Spain a month ago… “Detailed collaboration news.”

The Spanish government announced on Wednesday that it will invest 4.3 billion euros (about 5.8492 trillion won) to foster the electric vehicle and battery industries. …

Ghenus Air is headquartered in California, USA and is currently operating in the commercial area of urban air airports in conjuction with Skyports.

In January 2021, Ghenus Air established a branch office in South Korea and is making progress in various urban air transportation projects centered around urban air airports.

EVGlobal is a special approval company for the 2021 Green/Digital New Deal regulation. It develops technologies related to ‘New Renewable Energy Generation and ESS’ and stores surplus power purchased from self-produced or renewable power generation businesses in ESS to charge electric vehicles.

In the future, the surplus power will be…

Hyundai Electric (established in 2017) launched INTEGRICT, an affiliate of Hyundai Heavy Industries’ power equipment and energy solutions, to enter energy solution sector by integrating and managing various energy facilities’ information, communication technology and big data. …

Charzin Co., Ltd. signed a smart charging platform partnership agreement with TIDE Co., Ltd., a company specializing in AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) solutions.

The partnership seeks to accomplish the following:

  • The world’s first AMI technology is applied to solve issues arising from shortage of electric vehicle charger power facilities in…

HUMAX Mobility, a partner of Charzin and the largest parking lot operator, will acquire and merge AJ Park.

As a result, customers have more opportunities to meet EVZ charging platforms in more parking lots :)


Humax, which has the largest parking lot operator in Korea, will further expand its…

EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]

EVZ is the project that will lead the eco-friendly energy industry by solving the charging issues which is one of the obstacles in the electric vehicle market

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