Ghenus Air is headquartered in California, USA and is currently operating in the commercial area of urban air airports in conjuction with Skyports.

In January 2021, Ghenus Air established a branch office in South Korea and is making progress in various urban air transportation projects centered around urban air airports.

EVGlobal is a special approval company for the 2021 Green/Digital New Deal regulation. It develops technologies related to ‘New Renewable Energy Generation and ESS’ and stores surplus power purchased from self-produced or renewable power generation businesses in ESS to charge electric vehicles.

In the future, the surplus power will be re-supplied/activated through the EVZ platform, especially Jeju Island ,, which will contribute to the expansion of renewable energy generation, effective utilization, and the expansion of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

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Hyundai Electric (established in 2017) launched INTEGRICT, an affiliate of Hyundai Heavy Industries’ power equipment and energy solutions, to enter energy solution sector by integrating and managing various energy facilities’ information, communication technology and big data. It is continuously growing as a leading manufacturer of comprehensive electric and electronic devices and energy solutions at home and abroad, taking the world’s fifth largest share of the global transformer market.

Charzin — Hyundai Electric Co., Ltd. announced eco-friendly energy-based charging business agreement

- RE100 eco-friendly renewable energy is stored in ESS and used for electric vehicle charging

- Interlocking the charging platform…

Charzin Co., Ltd. signed a smart charging platform partnership agreement with TIDE Co., Ltd., a company specializing in AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) solutions.

The partnership seeks to accomplish the following:

  • The world’s first AMI technology is applied to solve issues arising from shortage of electric vehicle charger power facilities in apartments.
  • Based on the Ministry of Environment’s slow charger subsidy project, 25% of the total budget and 6 bn won were saved (Subsidy of 24 bn won, installation of 12 k units, installation cost per unit of 2 mn won worth of subsidy and approximately 500 k won for facilities).

HUMAX Mobility, a partner of Charzin and the largest parking lot operator, will acquire and merge AJ Park.

As a result, customers have more opportunities to meet EVZ charging platforms in more parking lots :)


Humax, which has the largest parking lot operator in Korea, will further expand its grip on the market. This is because it acquired and merged AJ Park, which was once a competitor.

Humax Mobility, a corporation co-founded with Stick Investment, a financial investor (FI), is the main body that runs the parking lot business at Humax Group. …

On March 25, 2021, Charzin Co., Ltd., a company specializing in charging platforms for electric vehicles, has signed a contract with Samsung Securities Co. to be listed on KOSDAQ. The two will officially set foot to form a dedicated workforce in preparing for Charzin’s IPO listing.

EVZ’s CSO(Young-suk Choi) will be giving a lecture at SERICEO about ‘The present and the future of Electric Vehicle’ on Mar, 26

SERICEO is a knowledge service that communicates the expertise of Korean leaders leading innovation and change, and is operated by paid membership of VVIPs in enterprises, political circles, and academia.

  • * If you sign up for membership, you can watch it free of charge for 7 days through Test Ver and Youtube Link will be updated

Under the theme of “The Present and Future of Electric Vehicles,” we introduce the era in which electric cars replace internal combustion engine cars, future technologies, and changes in our lives.

Youtube link :

Roadmap Release (Q1 2021 ~ Q4 2021)

Q1 2021 [January — March]:

  • Global Business(Southeast Asia) — Energy Retrofit Program
  • Demonstration Project with Domestic Vehicle manufacturer
  • Co-op with Domestic Financial company

Q2 2021 [April — June]:

  • Blockchain Demonstration Project
  • Co-op with Domestic Capital company for electric charger rental

Q3 2021 [July — September]

  • Demonstration Project for Certificated Emissions Reduction(CER) in U.S

Q4 2021 [October — December]

  • Co-op with Domestic Financial company (additional)

Greetings from EVZ team!!
We are very excited to share some great news with our EVZ community!!!

We will participate in Bithumb 7th Anniversary ‘Airdrop Event’ today

Please review the details as below

Airdrop Event for Trading

- Airdrop will be paid if you trade over 70,000 KRW for digital assets that are released daily on invitations.

- Conditions : trade over 70,000 won for digital assets that are released daily on invitations.

  • Event time : Everyday 10:00 ~ 24:00 (KST)
Choi Young-seok, founder and chief strategy officer (CSO) of the owner who provides EV integration services related to charging electric vehicles

There is a company that lead charging platforms for electric vehicles. He is a person who gained fame as the first regulation sandbox. It is the only South Korean company that operates integrated electric vehicle charging control, integrated charging system, charging sharing service, and charging infrastructure and provides EV integrated services. In particular, all services related to charging such as fast charging services, slow charging services, and charging outlet sales are being built as platforms.
The founder is Choi Young-seok, chief strategy officer (CSO) who is currently in charge of the business. …

EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]

EVZ is the project that will lead the eco-friendly energy industry by solving the charging issues which is one of the obstacles in the electric vehicle market

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