[Article] Charzin ltd.,(EVZ) received attention from Securities firms

Charzin(EVZ), a company specializing in electric vehicle chargers that is preparing to be listed on the KOSDAQ recently, is drawing attention from many securities firms.

On September 10, Charzin(EVZ) was invited to the “Korea Startup Scale Day” hosted by Samsung Securities and announced the electric car charger market and Charge-in’s case of government regulatory sandbox №1 small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ten innovative companies, including Charzin(EVZ), participated in the event.

“Charzin(EVZ) is currently in the process of exporting electric charger outlets with Spanish and French companies with 135 billion won in corporate sales in 2025. As the government developed electric vehicle charging outlets as the №1 regulatory sandbox, we will increase the company’s volume in the future,” said Choi Young-seok.

Earlier in March, Charzin(EVZ) signed a contract with Samsung Securities for a representative organizer for IPO on the KOSDAQ in Korea.

In addition, SK Securities introduced four companies related to the electric vehicle charging industry in a recent report titled “How far do you know about the electric vehicle charging industry?” and included the only unlisted company, Charzin(EVZ).

In a report, SK Securities published information on the points of the charging market and electric vehicle charging industry, which are expanding in the electric vehicle era.

Na Seung-doo, an analyst at SK Securities, introduced Charzin(EVZ) as a company specializing in integrated operation management systems for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Analyst Na said, “The need for an integrated operation management system that can comprehensively control electric vehicle charging systems will be further highlighted,” adding, “Chargers have built an unrivaled ecosystem based on outlet chargers, and the B2B and B2C market is expected to grow.”

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