Cazgo launches electric vehicle charging service in Indonesia

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3 min readDec 18, 2023


Charzin, which builds and operates the EVZ platform officially launched the EV Charger Operator product with PT Smart Energy System and *other partners in Indonesia.

* PT Smart Energy System (SES) : a brand of Cazgo (a foreign-invested company that has established strategic partnerships with local partners)

  • Other partners
  • Tide co.,ltd : a company specializing in smart power
  • PT Lintas Tunas Investama : Affiliate of Indonesian real estate conglomerate Alam Sutera
  • PT Cita Contract: a subsidiary of PLN, Indonesia’s state-owned power company
  • PT Ciwaru Transantion Electronics: Indonesian payment solution IT company

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Translation : KONTAN.CO.ID — JAKARTA. PT Smart Energy Systems (SES) officially launched its electric vehicle charging station (EV Charger Operator) product in Indonesia under the Cazgo brand (

Cazgo is a Foreign Investment company that established a strategic partnership with TIDE Co Ltd and Charzin from Korea, as well as local partners such as PT Cita Contract (PLN), PT Ciwaru Transaksi Elektronik, and PT Lintas Tunas Investama, which is an affiliate of Alam Sutera.

As an electric vehicle charging station provider in Indonesia, Cazgo provides electric vehicle charging service solutions with 7 kWh output (single phase) and 22 kWh fast charging (three phase). This service can be accessed through the Cazgo App mobile application which is integrated with the electric vehicle charging system.

Cazgo has a work plan for 2023 to 2027 with a goal of installing 1284 EV Charger units in Indonesia. This effort is made to support the implementation of electric vehicles with New Renewable Energy (EBT).

Cazgo’s advantage lies in its advanced technology, including two-way capability with Energy Monitoring System (EMS) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The technology meets ISO15118 V2G (Vehicle to Grid) and PnC (Plug and Charge) international standards.

In addition, Cazgo supports Open API (Application Programming Interface) for better integration with electric vehicles and other infrastructure.

Currently, a 6-unit Cazgo charger has been installed at The Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera, as the first location that will serve the Java & Bali region and explore opportunities for cooperation with the Korean Consortium in the Nusantara Special Economic Zone (Ibu Kota Nusantara or IKN).

Cazgo is committed to manufacturing EV Charger systems in Indonesia, both in terms of software and hardware (EV Charger machines) on a CKD basis. Cazgo plans to install electric vehicle chargers in malls, public areas, residential areas, hotels, and cafes.

“With the full support of Charzin Korea which has operated more than 20,000 Charger Stations in Korea, and TIDE as the EV Charger engine supplier, Cazgo has a strong foundation to build trust in our products and brand to the Indonesian people,” said Kim Soo Chul, CEO of PT SES as quoted on Tuesday (12/12).

The Cazgo Charger was first unveiled at The Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera, by relevant parties such as Kevin (CEO of TIDE), WOO (CFO of Charzin), Hariyadi (President Commissioner of PT Ciwaru Transaksi Elektronik), Riza Novianto (President Commissioner of PT Cita Contrac), Arvin Sutedja (Representative of PT Lintas Tunas Investama), Sari Setyaningrum (Township Director of Flavor Bliss), and Kim Soo Cul (CEO of PT SES).

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EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]

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