Charzin, a charging platform for business vehicles, begins full-scale service

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Providing a business car platform for ‘yellow charging’ for small businesses

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Service Expands to 10,000 Charging Stations Nationwide, with Chargein Participating

Charzin, “Will enter the U.S. after domestic commercialization”

Charzin, a company specializing in electric vehicle charging platforms, is launching a charging platform service for business vehicles by providing charging platform services to ‘Yellow Charging Station’, a rapid charging station for small businesses.

The opening ceremony of the ‘Yellow Charging Station’, a rapid charging station for small businesses, is held in Siheung Distribution Shopping Center in Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

Charzin announced that the Korea Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Service Business Cooperative (hereinafter referred to as ‘EV Infrastructure Service’) and Siheung Distribution Promotion Business Cooperative will provide charging platform services to ‘Yellow Charging Station’, a rapid charging station exclusively for small businesses, which will open in Siheung Distribution Shopping Center on the 4th.

EV Infrastructure Service operates the ‘Yellow Charge’ service, an electric vehicle charging membership business exclusively for small businesses, to expand the spread of electric vehicles among small businesses. Chargein has provided a charging platform service exclusively for business vehicles to Yellow Charge.

Yellow Charge membership subscribers can enjoy benefits such as discounted fast charging fees, charging point accumulation, and easy payment.

Charzin will provide a charging platform service for business vehicles in conjunction with ST1, Hyundai Motor’s first business platform.

By utilizing ST1’s data open API (application program interface) to collect the vehicle’s battery status, location, required charging amount, and estimated time of arrival at the charging station, it will analyze the optimal charging demand, time, and amount of charging power, and provide optimal charging guidance by analyzing the location of charging stations suitable for the driving route, the current number of vehicles charging, and the charger status.

Together with the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises, the EV Infrastructure Service plans to expand the number of yellow charging stations, focusing on small business cargo vehicles and small business concentration areas.

By 2030, 10,000 quick chargers will be distributed nationwide, and Charzin will participate in all charging infrastructure construction, including application development.

“For major bases such as logistics warehouses, we plan to apply a function that adjusts the power load in real time in conjunction with the building power grid to efficiently use scarce power facilities,” said Choi Young-seok, CEO of Charzin. “After commercialization and verification in Korea, we plan to enter the US market.”

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