Charzin(EVZ) — Acquired permission for a special demonstration of the Vehicle to Load (V2L) platform service using a charging outlet.

The “V2L (Vehicle to Load) Platform Service Using Chargeable Outlets” applied by Chazin(EVZ), an electric vehicle charging platform company, was also approved for special demonstration.

V2L is a method of supplying power stored in an electric vehicle battery to the outside of an electric vehicle.

Charge-in plans to provide a service that supplies (220V) power stored in an electric vehicle equipped with a V2L function to the outside of the vehicle using a charge-mold outlet.

Under the current law, the business could not be carried out due to the absence of electric vehicle owners’ electricity sales standards and standards related to power sales brokerage services through the V2L platform.

The deliberation committee approved special cases for demonstration under conditions such as demonstration, prohibition of indoor use, and installation of power cutoff devices in areas where power is not supplied.

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