‘Ev Parking Service’, an electric vehicle charger operator, and ‘Charzin(EVZ)’ will enter the EVZ rental market.

EV Parking Service Co., Ltd., an electric vehicle charger rental company, and Charzin(EVZ) In signed a strategic partnership contract in September last year to carry out a joint project for the EVZ business.

EV Parking Service Co., Ltd. currently has about 1,000 franchises and mainly secures parking lots such as accommodations and buildings as electric vehicle charging station spaces. Through this strategic partnership, Charzin Co., Ltd., an electric vehicle charging platform operator, has started a full-fledged service for electric vehicle chargers (EVPS) in the infrastructure secured by EV Parking Service Co., Ltd.

The necessary electric vehicle charger supply contracts have also been signed, and chargers are being contracted smoothly for accommodations nationwide, cafes, restaurants, factories, and private buildings, and will be expanded to more than 300 franchises by the end of this year and 2,000 franchises by 2022.

Above all, it is a business model that shares profits excluding basic management costs such as electricity and communication fees among the amounts directly charged and paid by electric vehicle charger users, and provides services differentiated from the uniform charger subsidy market.

Currently, services are being expanded nationwide, including Jeju Island, and it is expected to contribute greatly to the B2C electric vehicle charger infrastructure sharing business by strengthening sales organizations such as distributors and agencies. It is also expected to grow explosively in the future due to good market response.

In particular, EV Parking Service Co., Ltd. fully supports the purchase cost of electric vehicle chargers, KEPCO payments, electric construction costs, and management costs borne by customers, so there is no burden on consumers at all.

Lee Jung-hoon, CEO of EV Parking Service Co., Ltd., said, “Through strategic partnership with borrowers, we have created a business business model called the electric vehicle charger rental business, a new market, and we will expand parking sharing service models in the future to create another competitiveness.”

● EVZ Webpage: https://www.evzlife.com
● EVZ Blog: https://blog.naver.com/zin_life
● EVZ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EVZlife
● EVZ Telegram(Global): https://t.me/EVZglobal
● EVZ Youtube channel :
● EVZ Coinmarketcap channel :
● EVZ Coingecko channel :




EVZ is the project that will lead the eco-friendly energy industry by solving the charging issues which is one of the obstacles in the electric vehicle market

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EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]

EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]

EVZ is the project that will lead the eco-friendly energy industry by solving the charging issues which is one of the obstacles in the electric vehicle market

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