EVZ, 2024 Roadmap (Revised)

EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]
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EVZ Roadmap 2024

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EVZ Roadmap 2024 (Q1 2024 ~ Q2 2024, the first half year)

EVZ’s 2024 will focus on expanding the token ecosystem by applying decentralization to connect services and diversification.
The car charging market in the future industry is growing faster and more widely than expected, and the types of mobility using electricity are diversifying.
EVZ will expand to Car → Electronic Mobility in line with the development and spread of the industry and strengthen the token economy based on this. Unlike before, it will become more visible in real life and more user-friendly.

Q1 2024 [January — March]:

· Webpage & Whitepaper Renewal

· Develop B2B CPO Software

· Opened Official Global Community Channel

· Prepare for Decentralized Wallet Service

In the first quarter, we will be promoting EVZ’s internal and external “renewal” work as the global cryptocurrency market enters a new phase and the electric vehicle market changes.

Q2 2024 [April — June]:

· Decentralized Wallet Launched

· Multi-Chain Support (Layer 2 base)

· 3rd Party Collaboration Utilizing Wallet Linkage

· Decentralized Staking Service Launched (All keys and assets are managed by users)

· Wallet Launch Event

In the second quarter, we will work to create upgraded outputs in areas that have been underperforming in the past, diversifying and linking them to contribute to the actual use of EVZ and the spread of users.

  • Develop AI-driven demand response to reduce grid load(2024 1Q)
  • Develop charging solutions for vehicle-to-grid integration Develop EV roaming using open charging station interfaces(2024 2Q)
  • Expand customer engagement for grid savings and rewards(2024 3Q)
  • Expand power sharing and charging station reservation systems Introduce multi-channel payments(2024 4Q)

● EVZ Webpage: https://www.evzlife.com
● EVZ Blog: https://blog.naver.com/zin_life
● EVZ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EVZlife
● EVZ Telegram(Global): https://t.me/EVZglobal
● EVZ Youtube channel :
● EVZ Coinmarketcap channel :
● EVZ Coingecko channel :



EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]

EVZ is the project that will lead the eco-friendly energy industry by solving the charging issues which is one of the obstacles in the electric vehicle market