EVZ platform supports payment in PAYTUS service.

EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]
2 min readOct 6, 2021


The electric vehicle charging platform (EVZ) will be built as a payment method within the PAYTUS service.

PAYTUS is a payment platform that has secured more than 4,000 affiliated stores in Korea, and signed a business partnership with EVZ platform in May regarding rental services for electric vehicles.

EVZ announced that it will supply electric charger supplies to PAYTUS’ accommodations, buildings, and parking lot infrastructure and introduce electric vehicle charging rental systems and payment services within this year.

The EVZ platform, which recently launched EV charging cards exclusively for corporate vehicles and installed and operated chargers at IBK Industrial Bank’s battery stores, is currently being traded on domestic virtual asset exchanges, and will be used as EVP (EVZ points) on the PAYTUS platform to popularize real economic services in Korea and increase user convenience.

The characteristic of this project is that it is expected to be the starting point for the B2C electric vehicle charger infrastructure sharing project in earnest as it shares profits excluding electricity and communication fees among the amounts charged and paid by electric vehicle charger users.

Original Source : http://www.it-b.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=53192

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EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]

EVZ is the project that will lead the eco-friendly energy industry by solving the charging issues which is one of the obstacles in the electric vehicle market