EVZ signed a MOU with ‘IL SCIENCE’ to charge electric vehicles based on ‘Smart Street Lamps’

EVZ has signed a business agreement with ‘IEL Science (KOSDAQ listed)’ that manufactures and sells ICT convergence-based products such as silicon lens for LEDs, IoT smart lighting, LED lighting, and beauty care.

“IL Science” will solve the problem of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles by installing smart street lamps that can charge electric vehicles this year, and will jointly promote smart street lamps by introducing EVZ’s charging outlet/fast charger/payment operation platform.

In the future, ‘Smart Street Lights’ will make electric vehicle chargers easier and more convenient.

Original source: https://www.ces.tech/Articles/2020/July/Three-Reasons-to-Be-Optimistic-About-Electric-Vehi.aspx

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