New Partnership : Charzin & Mooving & Micro Space

EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]
2 min readOct 27, 2022


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Micro Space

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Business Agreement for the Supply of Eco-Friendly Electric Motorcycles and the Installation of Battery Replacement Charging Station.

Installation and diffusion of battery replacement stations for eco-friendly electric motorcycles

More than 20,000 electric motorcycles in Korea, expanding 1 trillion won in overseas markets by 2027

‘Mooving’ develops eco-friendly electric motorcycles and battery replacement solutions

‘Charzin’ incorporate technologies such as payment solutions and electricity control in installing ‘Mooving’s battery replacement stations

‘Micro Space’ develops a battery replacement station installation site and provides lifecycle management services including post-installation care

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EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]

EVZ is the project that will lead the eco-friendly energy industry by solving the charging issues which is one of the obstacles in the electric vehicle market