New Partnership : Charzin & Wellbiotec EVC

EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]
2 min readFeb 14, 2023

1. Partner’s Name

Wellbiotec EVC

2. Partner’s Detail

WellBiotechEVC is a partner of well Biotech, a KOSPI-listed company, and produces three 7 kW slow chargers, 100 kW fast chargers, and 200 kW super fast chargers. It is operating its own EV charger brand ‘evLUCY’ and EV charging service brand ‘evSPEED’.

3. Counterparty Website

3. Logo

5. Partnership Details

Through this agreement, Well Biotech EVC will develop and produce competitive electric vehicle chargers based on core technologies and infrastructure, and the owner will provide technical cooperation necessary for developing new services required by the market as well as technical cooperation for linking electric vehicle chargers and platforms.

In addition, the newly developed service by the Charzin will first be linked to the Well Biotech EVC charger and the service will be shared.

In addition, the two companies plan to discover charging stations owned by individuals, corporations, or government agencies, and combine Well Biotech EVC’s electric vehicle charger and tenant’s platform into one product to jointly operate, build infrastructure, and operate.

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EVZ [Electric Vehicle Zone]

EVZ is the project that will lead the eco-friendly energy industry by solving the charging issues which is one of the obstacles in the electric vehicle market